Where Your Passion Goes, Your Life Flows

Passion is the Fuel to Your Life and Courage is the explosive Ignition that makes it come together.  When you are in lust for life, everything changes…for the better.

Personal conversations that reveal and connect you to your Passion in order to unleash your personal power and live your best life ever!  It’s time to find a Life and Business Coach.

Whatever happens in your life is an invitation for a better way of being.  No matter how hard it seems, a door opens when one used to be closed, and the sun rises each and every day.  Sunsets are the epitome of lives well-lived.

The good news is that these are all signs that invite you to experience a new level of personal power!

You see, many people think that being confused, in challenging situations or even in toxic relationships is a bad thingand it is!  However, it also signals a better way of life, and deep desire to make changes.  Without that particular type of  “contrast” things remain the same.   So you see, these are simply signs that it’s time to seek a new life state. And you know it because you aren’t able to access or feel your passion.  This is a big RED flag.

The simplest explanation is that passion is life. That means that, like any life form, passion will always try to flow. But when it is blocked, unexpressed or unacknowledged, it will create constricted results, like illness, injury, confusion, emotional trauma or other personal power imbalances and emotional/intellectual paralysis.

Just like water that gets dammed, clogged or blocked, neglected passion will overflow into other areas in unexpected ways. These are simply energy imbalances which signal that it’s time to create change in your life. Once balanced, you are living in wellness, health, alignment AND abundance.

Find your passion.  It’s time to feel your passion again so you can make decisions from your personal power.

Your passion is your guide to new results in your life and business. Get powerful insights you can use to make new decisions by having a Vision Chat with  Passionista Expert:

– Ali R. Rodriguez, International Business Coach, Passionista Leader and Intuitive Activist.  Founder of the Intellectual Cleavage Revolution.

Let me help YOU connect to your inner passion once again so that you can take new action and experience more of what you want in your life!  Your Vision Chat will explore a current life situation in detail via a personal and confidential phone meeting.

Together, you will identify and decode the imbalances in your passion so you can make great decisions. You will leave the session with an action plan in hand so that you can implement it immediately and create, by design, the life you wish to have.

Consider this your invitationschedule your Vision Chat with Ali today!


Here’s to Using Your Passion To Create Your Future Today ~

Ali R. Rodriguez
Your Passionista Expert