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On A Personal Note

It seems like my 2014, one-word theme “SOAR” is already working like a charm!  When you are focused on something important enough to you, it will expand, so choose carefully, consciously and wisely. Amazing that in less than 3 weeks into the year I’ve had so many prospects turned-clients wanting to soar with me.  And […]

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Are You Being Betrayed? The Power Of Integrity!

On A Personal Note: Collaboration is my theme word for this year, and won’t you know it….a new group that I joined forces with in January, two of its members from Canada won a Caribbean Cruise with a stop back in Orlando, and we had the opportunity to meet in person.  It was awesome.  I […]

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It Takes Two To Tango! The Power of Collaboration.

Have you ever seen or participated in doing the Tango?  If you have, you will know that it is one of the most beautiful dances ever.  It is sensuous, graceful, harmonious, intricate, physical, calculated and well choreographed.  It is also a highly creative way of self-expression….with another person… in a very intimate way! The intensity […]

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Are You Fully, Self-Expressed?

Are You Fully Self-Expressed? It is not always easy to say exactly what you are thinking.  You want to, you really want to; and then….there is this big BUT that holds you back.  And then, there are those times, when you say exactly what you want to say, and it turns out to be the […]

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Movie Life

If your life was a Movie, what would it look like? Do you wish you could see into your future so you’d know what you have to do today? If there’ is one thing you would like to change about anything, what would that be? What if you could still do what you want to […]

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