Wha’s up with 2014?

Some say the best is yet to come, and I concur. What was my biggest success in 2013? -–Collaboration!!! I always use a one-word theme for every year, and that was my intuitive choice at the onset of 2013, and it worked like a charm! I made connections I never dreamed would be possible and […]

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Are You Walking Your Walk?

It is important to stay in alignment with who you are.  Walking your walk becomes monumental in achieving happiness and fulfillment.  Those who know this, practice it to the point of mastery; and isn’t mastery one of life’s simple goals? We are under a very auspicious time to create strategic, 24 months plans, both personal […]

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On A Personal Note

It seems like my 2014, one-word theme “SOAR” is already working like a charm!  When you are focused on something important enough to you, it will expand, so choose carefully, consciously and wisely. Amazing that in less than 3 weeks into the year I’ve had so many prospects turned-clients wanting to soar with me.  And […]

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