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Secret Weapon that Rocks!

As I continue to re-vamp, create and co-create new systems, programs, and products, none can happen without the help of my master mind buddies, clients, colleagues, virtual assistants, team-members and amazing brainstorming sessions, that though, out of the clear they seem to appear, they come to the surface with impacting force to make more than […]

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Is There A Formula That Rules How Much Money You’ll Make In Business?

Surprisingly, yes! If you’ve been marketing your buns off, yet find you’re not making any more money then, to quote Million Dollar Marketing Coach Kendall SummerHawk, “it’s likely you’re bumping up against old money ‘b.s.’ that’s keeping you stuck exactly at the income you’re at right now.” Kendall knows her stuff, having broken out of […]

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Mastering the Art of Coaching in the 21st Century

Are you a coach, an aspiring coach, consultant, author, speaker, or ingenious professional curious about the art of Coaching? Join me in this brand new program created specifically with you in mind. I call it: Mastering the Art of Coaching in the 21st Century Tele-Program series begin every Thursday for 5 consecutive Thursdays: May 7th, […]

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There’s a new Etiquette kid on the block

Want to let you know that my good friend, Cynthia Edwards, just created a wonderful blog addressing Etiquette issues and concerns. I was so taken by it, that thought it would be beneficial to my readers to have a taste of Cynthia’s amazing answers. Please visit: and tell Cynthia I sent you. You’re going […]

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How to use Anger to your Advantage

Sometimes we feel really “hot under the collar” –  The reasons vary.  It could have even be over something insignificant, and many of the time,  it is. However, anger is a powerful emotion and if you know how to use it, you can turn it into an amazing ally and even companion.  It also helps […]

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