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OBSESSION, Why It’s Good For You and How to Use to Your Advantage!

Most of us have heard the clinical expression “OCD” (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) which as Wikipedia explains it: “is a mental disorder characterized by “intrusive thoughts” that produce anxiety, by repetitive behaviors aimed at reducing anxiety, or by combinations of such thoughts (obsessions) and behaviors or compulsions”. However, what if I tell you that Obsession, in […]

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There’s a new Etiquette kid on the block

Want to let you know that my good friend, Cynthia Edwards, just created a wonderful blog addressing Etiquette issues and concerns. I was so taken by it, that thought it would be beneficial to my readers to have a taste of Cynthia’s amazing answers. Please visit: and tell Cynthia I sent you. You’re going […]

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How to use Anger to your Advantage

Sometimes we feel really “hot under the collar” –  The reasons vary.  It could have even be over something insignificant, and many of the time,  it is. However, anger is a powerful emotion and if you know how to use it, you can turn it into an amazing ally and even companion.  It also helps […]

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