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Are You Reaching Out?

Having a home-based business has tremendous perks.  You are in charge of your own time, activities, projects, tasks, delegation, and you don’t have to drive much to see clients or meet with vendors.  However, one of the down sides is that if you are not circulating and networking in your community, and brainstorming on-line with […]

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Movie Life

If your life was a Movie, what would it look like? Do you wish you could see into your future so you’d know what you have to do today? If there’ is one thing you would like to change about anything, what would that be? What if you could still do what you want to […]

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Saliendo del Closet

La pasión es la clave de tu poder personal. Es lo que yo vivo, es lo que enseño y es lo que crea nuevos resultados para mis clientes. Y, por fin…Me complace decirles que esto se ha convertido en el enfoque singular de mi carrera, por lo tanto, estoy saliendo del closet para anunciar a […]

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Coming Out of the Closet!

Yes, indeed, Passion is the key to your personal power. It’s what I live, it’s what I teach and it’s what creates new results for my clients. And – finally! – I’m happy to tell you it’s the singular focus of my work. Having worked with hundreds of clients over the years to help them […]

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