Happiness is!


What is HappinessHappiness is…..”

Did you grow-up hearing those words of “happiness is…?” Was it your Grandparents or parents, or even uncles and aunts? Was it? Do you remember?

Now that you are a bit older than 6 or 7 years old, what does it mean to you? What do others tell you happiness is? More importantly, what do YOU tell others “happiness is?”

As you sit quietly wondering what happiness really is, what comes to mind? Do you have answers; do you have to ask someone else for answers? Are you confident in what you belief?

Some may say: “Happiness is’ whatever you want to make it. And that would be true. It would also be true that “happiness is” whatever makes you happy inside no matter the outside circumstances.

Have you been to an ice-cream parlor lately? Did you order strawberry by any chance, or was it chocolate, perhaps vanilla, or mint chips with sprinkles on top? Did it make you happy??? If so, no matter what the choice…”happiness is…” whatever made you happy at the time.

Test your Happiness IQ/HQ:

1. Are you happy by having it all.

2. Describe having it all.

3. Are you feeling worthy of it all?

4. Would you rather fly first class than commercial?

5. Would you rather have health than money?

6. Would you trade your eyesight for a million dollars?

7. Would you trade anything in your life for money?

8. What does “happiness is” really mean to you?

9. Do you LOVE and allow yourself to be loved?

Fill in the blanks and in so doing, a very defined picture of what “happiness is” to you will begin to develop. You don’t have to trade anything for anything, but if you’re willing to do so, re-think your strategy, as “happiness is” only as much or as good as you want to make it. Write it out on your whiteboard, in big BOLD letters: “Happiness is….”

Never trade long walks by the lake for endless hours behind a desk looking at a computer.

Stay in touch with friends you know care about you. Cultivate those relationships. Life is much easier when done in more than one. Every moment that brings you JOY, defines you. Every moment that brings you SORROW, defines you as well, but with a whole different set of circumstances and results.

Know your strengths, build upon those. I’m not asking you to ignore your weaknesses, but they certainly are NO foundation for building anything that will bring meaning to your life and the lives of others.

History will show that great leaders understood that they could be happy with even when freedom and civil liberties where taken away from them. Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela come to mind, just to name a few.

Stay strong. Life comes with many turns and twists, and yet, you’re strong enough to handle them!!!

Think about it, do your doeness, and then tell the world your own version of: “Happiness is……???” It will do your body and soul good!

‘Till next time!

Much love,




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