High Trait of a Great Leader: Humility


High Trait of a Great Leader

Not the highest on my list at a time when I was mostly young and foolish. I remember being arrogant, demanding, and yet, I got the job done. Until one day, it didn’t feel right any more. Getting the JOB done, wasn’t good enough.   I remember thinking: “anybody could do that” and yet, I was on such a high horse, I could not see the end of my nose touch my face if you paid me, and some people actually did!

And then something interesting took hold of the next twists of events at the time when I was at the helm of this corporation at a very young age.  And here’s what happened…..  The main character in this “novela” got very sick – a few hear attacks, open heart-surgeries, valve reconstructions, and oh what can I say, everyone in his family truly disliked him. But I didn’t know that ‘till then, and worse yet, neither did he.  He had a wife who hated him, his two young kids (12 and 16) only wanted him for his money and if he died, that was perfectly fine with them, and then there was me, running this whole corporation on my own, as neither of these other characters wanted anything to do with it.  WHY?  I didn’t care anymore.  All I knew is I had a payroll to meet, and by God, it will be met.
But here is the kicker.  All along, and in hindsight, no-one in that corporation cared enough to BELIEVE that this could turn into a successful business.  I did, but it wasn’t enough.  I needed more people that would believe.

This was the biggest lesson I learned about humility and leaving my ego at the door.

The company quickly spiraled down and eventually went bankrupt. Big reality check for me, though I was grateful for the opportunity to witness what I did.  My biggest lesson was to continually ask God for Wisdom, just like Solomon’s.  Sometimes, we have to be careful what we ask for.  You may just get it!

I learned, in such a short period of time, what the big difference was between being humble and asking for humility.  Whatever your situation is,  please look inward, and then ask your God for a good dose of humble pie, as in the long run, all of us who have been leaders in our own right, will need a piece of it to make a great Leader in Business.

Do not be afraid to eat a piece of that pie.  Embrace your imperfections, so that you can move forward into whatever your next sub-station turns out to be.  There’s always another train arriving at the station.  Never forget that!  You are not alone.  Just enjoy your piece of humble pie.

Do the best you can with what you have and enjoy the journey, not so much the destination.

You have been granted the gift of leadership, so lead with grace and inspiration. Never look back!   Your job is that of forward movement, and as such, you will do just that.


Ali Rodriguez

Life and Business Coach



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