Is Self-Forgiveness myth or hype?



IF I HEAR ONE MORE PERSON say that forgiveness is all about forgiving yourself….I’ll have a rant and be sick to my stomach.

Far from it….You’ve done nothing wrong. Forgiveness is……about MOURNING the loss of something precious…mainly….TRUST.  And yes, it may come with the loss of the person that betrayed you, or the person that left you, or the person you left.  I just want people to stop saying it is all about YOU forgiving yourself…it is not. It is not your fault. Don’t believe the hype.

If you were a willing participant in your own misery, then yes, you have some soul searching to do, and even self-forgiveness would apply.

But if you were naive and innocent, an unwilling and even unaware participant, how is that any of your fault? 

If someone took advantage of you because you didn’t know any better, you do yourself a disservice thinking you were at fault for being ignorant or naive and torturing yourself by going through “forgiving yourself”.  You are NOT at fault.

Forgiveness  has to do with the other person putting its act together…and not you… and if by chance, this person has already passed….then you put your act together so that you can have the time to mourn the loss of both trust and person…but do not carry the burden of someone else doing.  It has nothing to do with you.   Once you embrace this concept you will feel relief and freedom, and you’ll be able to have your amazing life back.  Enjoy your Freedom. It is NOT you….it is them. Do not let the hype get you down and make you feel lesser than as if you had committed a capital sin.  Remember, you are going through a MOURNING process, so honor your feelings and to others with the hype of self-forgiveness you say: 

Enough already!



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