Mastering Passion to the Fifth Power


Passion to the Fifth Power=1It started one hot summer afternoon while at a beach in Florida. I watched kids and families playing in the ocean, and others building their usual sandcastles so close to shore, those high tides would soon turn their masterpiece into its original form and they’d be washed away like if nothing ever happened.

However, something DID happen. The realization that mastering the Self into Success is not only possible, but doable in any area of your life, and that’s how “Passion To The Fifth Power” was born, watching beautiful sandcastles turn into sand.

Based on five human fundamental core values, a new whole program was created and developed to help you Master your own Success and build your business and life in a very unique way.

What if:

Passion for your business and life was your driving force to self-mastery?
Pride in who you are and what you do becomes an inspiration to others to fulfill their own destiny?
Purpose is crystal clear to you in all of who you are and all you want to become?
Profits is to reward your intelligence, dedication and hard work?
Perception becomes your best friend, and not your enemy?

This is what Passion to the Fifth Power is all about, and in this short, five week course you will learn to build your own Castle, not made of sand, but of tangible and solid business building steps, strategies and outcomes.
Read about what Passion to the Fifth Power can do for you!

Won’t you join me? Classes begin December 1st., to Dec. 31st. so make sure to secure your spot first, and ask others to join you as well.

Can’t wait to champion your business and life dreams.



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