Are you in the mood for love?


“The BEST part of me is YOU!”

—Ricky Martin, Musician

Is the God of Desire tugging at your heart?

If so, what is he saying, what does he want you to do, what feelings does it evoke in you?

Valentine’s is  such a special day, as even if you are not in couple-hood, you probably are in friend-hood, family-hood, loved ones that don’t know yet how much you are into them, even children can receive the warmth of your heart when you are really in love, and it begins with YOU. 

Loving yourself is where everything begins.  It’s when you attract ideal partners, both in life, love and business.  Amazing magic begins to happen.  You become self-assured, assertive, and you know exactly what you want and who you want and first, start with your own heart and lots of self-love.  When that happens, that is  when you can truly give….to the ONE you love!


Have a Happy Day of Universal LOVE, and give to yourself from the heart like only you can!

Experience the love, the passion, and the ecstasy!

Ali R. Rodriguez
 Business Coach
to Medical Doctors, Entrepreneurs and the


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