Personal Development: Is it a Want or a Need?



I’m passionately in love with Personal Development, not just my own, but YOURS. As a seasoned business coach, I’ve worked with people from all walks of life, cultures, and languages; however, the bottom line of their business it’s always tied to the bottom line of how they feel about themselves and their sense of worth. Therefore, tapping into the deep issues of what’s really inside, becomes a monumental factor in trying to help them accomplish their business goals.

We go from TAP to DIG to Channel Energy to finally Transform so that they can be an amazing version of a truer self that brings much prosperity into their business while fulfilling their mission on this planet.  It is wonderful to get up each morning being a better and more original version of who you were yesterday, and not a carbon copy.

And with the many universal laws that we enjoy every day, comes the Law of Prosperity. I love this excerpt from author, Nanice Ellis:

“Our ego-minds tend to look for what is missing or lacking and this aligns us with scarcity, but you are not your ego-mind. You can make a conscious choice to place your awareness on the abundance that is already in your life – right now – things like air, water, nature, love, kindness, food, wisdom…. Thinking about having an abundance of air to last your whole life and having unlimited love to share, can make you feel incredibly prosperous.

When you experience yourself as prosperous, you raise your vibration and you align with the law of prosperity. You get what you give. When you give off a vibration of prosperity, the Universe gives you more prosperity.

Finally, the law of prosperity is the law of love. Vibrate with love and you are infinitely prosperous. This means love life, love what you do, love your family, love your friends, love who you are, love the planet, love the Universe. Find anything and everything to love.

The more you love, the higher you raise your vibration. The higher your vibration, the more you will naturally tune into the vibration of prosperity, but don’t be surprised if you discover that the Beatles were right all along, and “All You Need Is Love,” because Love is All You Need.”

Let there be love!


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