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On a Personal Note...It seems like my 2014, one-word theme “SOAR” is already working like a charm!  When you are focused on something important enough to you, it will expand, so choose carefully, consciously and wisely.

Amazing that in less than 3 weeks into the year I’ve had so many prospects turned-clients wanting to soar with me.  And then there are the many colleagues wanting to jump on the band wagon of multi-media collaboration throughout this year, to capitalize in Joint Ventures with each other.

This is not particularly unusual, but what is unusual is how fast it is happening and how early in the year, without much effort on my part to make it happen at all!  So I say to you, if you want me in your life, get on my calendar, and fast.  Go to programs on my website and choose the one with your name on it.   http://AliRodriguez.com/programs

In addition, I am proud to say that I am now an exclusive Resident Writer for “Change your Game, Be A Leader” organization, where you will find content not found anywhere else, not even in my own blog. It is exclusive and unique content written just for them and “our” audience.  This company totally rocks, and has an innovative sense of growth, with big thinkers all aboard.  Check out my authorship page, where all my writings are in one place for your convenience:  http://changeyourgamebealeader.com/author/alirodriguez/

And wait, it gets better.  Since this is a “Personal Note” I want to share with you one of the sweetest and yet, very moving stories happening to me in the last few weeks.

Have I ever told you about the NUNS I grew up with in my late teens to early twenties?  They were amazing, they were truly “motherly,” they had my back, and I haven’t seen them in eons of years as they were sent to other parts of the world after the residence for single girls that I lived in Miami, owned by the then Catholic Dioceses, closed down.  Just last year, they were re-located to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in the United States to “retire” them, after years of service in Chile and Mexico, respectively.  We recently re-connected and guess what?  I will be seeing them soon in mid-March and I just can’t wait.  I think it’s pretty cool, that after all these years; I will be spending a weekend in a Catholic Convent with some very special people that I loved so much! — Is this wild or what? —  What are the chances????

All the best!


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