Passion To the Fifth Power

MASTERCLASS Passion to the 5th Power

Masterclass series every Wednesday starting: NOVEMBER 5th.,  through DECEMBER 10th, 2014, — 1:00 pm  to 2:00 pm –  EST , 10 am to 11 am, Pacific Time.

5 Sessions

When working with me we will use a business building system called “Passion to the Fifth Power™” – This is a Strategic Coaching System, specifically designed to help you clarify what you want, create a more balanced professional and personal life, set-up healthy boundaries, develop leadership competencies, and catapult your creativity and imagination to create new dreams. You experience an increase in your bottom line profits, by focusing on the passion that drives you to get exactly what you want. You learn how to deal with overwhelm, align business with values, and create systems that work for you, grow your business and enhance the quality of your life.

These classes are specifically designed to help you:

Find your inner PASSION to be who you want to be

Living with PRIDE adds to your Money Bucket

Understand your PURPOSE to receive fulfillment and connectivity to the world

Develop your unique PROFIT margin to help you support the business of your dreams and the lifestyle you deserve.

Help you become a Master of Meaning by understanding how PERCEPTION works for you as you marry business with meaning.

Register for these 5 classes at the special price of  only $697.00 to kick-start one of your best investments in YOU!


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