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Did you know that Lillian Vernon, founder of Lillian Vernon Corp, was the first company on the American Stock Exchange started by a woman?

She said:  “I want customers to know and relate to me as an individual, and to understand that my company is a reflection of myself.”

Just like Ms. Vernon, Estee Lauder was another one of my heroines.  They understood the power of people buying from them and not just a company.  Building Trust is the ultimate step of the “Know and Like” process, this is why it is important to embrace the notion that people buy from you mostly because they know you, they  like you, and finally, they trust you.  Never lose sight of the fact that YOU are the product.

Building solid foundations and cultivating relationships is critical for the success of your business and with the changes that come with growth, one thing remains constant:  YOUR STORY.

Want more business, more connections, more referrals, and even more fun in your daily dealings?

Tell Your Story! and do so with Passion.

  • Share your big WHY.
  • Be very enthusiastic about it.
  • Always remember what moved you to be where you are today.
  • Do NOT hide behind the scenes of an office door, a desk, a laptop, or a website.
  • Telling your story is not about boosting your ego, is about connecting to your clients so they can appreciate what you are all about and in so doing you are adding value to their lives.

People need what you have to offer, and that product is YOU!

A small tweak to your mindset, will impact your business and those you’re serving.  I can help you do that!

The time is NOW:  LET’S CHAT!

Live with Grace, Elegance and Style,


Ali R. Rodriguez
Business Coach to Doctors,
Entrepreneurs and the Self-Employed.

(386) 676-6706

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