Raving Fans

DELICIA HAYNES, M.D.What would your business look like if you could consistently stay out of your own way and make the changes necessary to take your life to the next level?

Working with Ali Rodriguez has helped me stretch beyond my perceived limitations, keep an eye on the bottom line, and continually move forward toward the practice and life of my dreams.

She also has introduced me to outstanding vetted professionals who have been a joy to work with. Prior to working with Ali I was overwhelmed, frustrated with my vendors, wearing too many hats, and moving in so many directions that I was getting nowhere. I felt like I had created my own prison rather than the healthy practice I intended.

Growth has not been comfortable, but I am on track and excited about the changes I’ve seen and those soon to come!

Delicia M. Haynes, M.D.


“Ali is a fantastic coach, so intuitive and strategic. I refer people to her all the time and she supported me this year by doing some coaching with my own clients. They loved her, I love her, and her style is both strong and sensitive. She’s a business pro, a fantastic combo. I want more people to know about her and work with her!”

Nancy Marmolejo
CEO of Sizzibility

“The Teacher of Truth and Trust” That’s Ali R Rodriguez!

We met in 2012, when Ali first listed her home with me. I have to admit; at our first meeting I thought she was completely crazy. Many years later, when I told Ali that, she replied “Thank you” and cracked into that wonderful, nothing-held-back “Ali-laugh” that I have come to know and love.

Ali has taught me how to value myself, how to listen to and trust my intuition, and how to get out of my own way. Do I follow that direction without fail? No, I’m human! I err, and slip back into my old ways of de-valuation and doubt. BUT, 1 email from Ali, or 1 phone call from Ali, or 1 meeting with Ali, and I kick my butt right back onto MY OWN path of Truth and Trust………….and MY PATH is paved with abundance.

Ali helps me create that!

“Coaching” is something I never even thought of before I met Ali. In fact, if I’d been made to think on it, I’d have likely said “oh for the rich and famous”. How wrong! You don’t have to be rich, and you don’t have to be famous, but you will be enriched by Ali’s passion to help you connect head and heart, to find your own truth, to empower you with courage and action.

You don’t have to be a budding Richard Branson either, although I’m very sure Ali would take Richard in her stride if he knocked on her door! Ali can help with your small challenges too. Before a recent mediation, Ali taught me how to trust in the process, how to focus on the outcome I wanted, how to prepare myself for the ‘face-off’. Ali was not surprised when a good result was achieved, because I had followed her direction. She has an uncanny way of ‘knowing’!

Mega plans or mini crisis, Ali’s passion will help you SOAR. With Ali, your life is not the limit!

Toni Ledgerwood
Licensed Real Estate Professional
Gaff’s Realty Company
Central Florida Region

Michael Port





Michael Port
The New York Times Best Selling Author of…








Clement Y Zazou Casamono Marbella

“Your energy is amazing, we want to be close to you just to feel better, we love you Ali!”

Clement Y Zazou – Casamono Marbella Restaurante
Becky Meyer Pourchot

“Ali, You were the inspiration for me taking the plunge to new social media. Your emails, twitters and now Facebook inspire me in so many avenues. You are so positive and so wonderful, can’t thank you enough. What an honor!

Talk about sunshine! You rock, lady! Still thinking about this yesterday and so full of gratitude that you are in my life.

In addition, everything anyone says about Ali is true. She is one of the most hard-working women out there. Working smart and hard to bring joy, compassion, order, sanity, excitement, motivation and sense to your life. I heartily support her.”

Madeline C. Gerwick
Certified Business and Personal Astrologer
Polaris Business Guides, LLC

Carol Wick Testimonial

Mercedes Calcano

I was motivated to ask Ali Rodriguez to be my mentor because of the vitality and powerful message she had on the #bealeader mentorship page. I have to say that I am very grateful for her warm, assertive and powerful guidance and for the way she intuitively knows how to enlighten my path down the road of my future goals.

When I needed encouragement she was there, friendly and supportive. And when I needed to come back “down to earth” she was an experienced partner knowing very well about setting strong accountability terms.

Ali Rodriguez is candid, straight-forward and loving. I always know what to expect and feel compelled to be at my best so not to disappoint her. She always walks the extra mile and makes me feel good about myself. More importantly, my professional and personal life has taken quite a leap-forward thanks to Ali’s guidance.

If you want a unique, solution-based experience, learn from Ali. I am a better person for it!

Mercedes Calcaño
Master of Arts in Music Performance and Pedagogy
Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama


“I’m an English part-time university marketing course leader and, this year, the students strongly wanted me to be their guest speaker at their graduation. For reasons which I won’t go into here, after all the difficulties that they had gone through together, it was especially important for the students (and their family, friends, and loved ones) that my speech was as honest, moving and authentic as possible (not a dry academic lecture nor one full of commonplace platitudes!)

I drew my inspiration from a variety of sources for different aspects of my 950-word long speech. However, one of the most important sources of inspiration was Ali Rodriguez, who taught me to tap deep into my inner feelings and believe in what I FEEL to be right and THAT was the tremendously powerful feeling that motivated me as I composed, polished and practiced my speech.

The result? Thunderous applause and emotional congratulations even from those who were wary of such a public expression of my honesty, passion, and commitment to my students.

Ali, thank you for teaching me the importance of giving PASSION free and powerful expression!”

Christopher Shallow, M.B.A.
Marketing Communications and Research
Course Leader in Marketing Strategies
University of New York in Prague


Milana Headshot

“Ali is a breath of fresh air! Always creative, inspiring, and consistent. I have known Ali since the first couple of years of my business and she has been a great supporter, encourager, and amazing entrepreneur!”

Milana Leshinsky
#1 Provider of Business Tools for Coaches
Author of “Coaching Millions”

“It’s really incredible how my life changed when I met Ali Rodriguez in November 2009, when she was here in Marbella, Spain. From the beginning, I was fascinated by her colorful personality, joy for life, incredible people skills and her amazing intuitive sense! And I was “one” among many of my co-workers that just remember her for that!

When in May this year, Ali returned to Marbella, I was most happy to see her again and had the opportunity to talk to her on a 1 on 1 in many occasions and then in groups.

It was a rough period in my life as I was blind with rage and deep sadness in my love life. But Ali knew how to make me laugh and heal all while honoring the internal pain, channelizing and transforming. She helped me identify my emotions and scattered energies, to know and see the why of things and what I needed to do to finally think with a clear vision moving forward. That was so revealing to me that my life really changed a lot since then.

They say that, anyone can be a very good player but without a good coach, one does not get very far; and that was my case. I was born in Serbia, and at the age of 20 I left home in search of a better life in all aspects.

Professionally and personally, I really think I am a “good player”, and I’ve gotten a lot during these ten years here in Spain. Much success in my career, great co-workers, and now having a job that inspires me and I truly enjoy … the love of good friends, many studies and travels. It definitely would be impossible to move forward, taking many ties to unravel at an emotional level, especially in my relationship with myself. Coaching with Ali changed all of that. She is a great coach and still continues guiding and teaching me to channel and transform my life, both personally and professionally.

Ali’s help has been crucial in my transformation, and so have been her inspiring guidelines. She’s very fascinating, very professional but also very close and caring, highly intuitive and super creative. She taught me to identify my emotions and what to do with them; channel them and transform them, and even those that originate from early childhood and who were asleep during all those years, but suddenly they wake up and become an obstacle to an otherwise full and happy life.

The vast majority of us are not prepared for the bumps on the road, nor are we told by our elders what to expect and how to handle it, not to mention the importance of attitude during problem solving moments. So I think coaching is a necessary “must-do” at some points in our lives, and above all and from the bottom of my heart – I highly recommend Ali Rodriguez!”

Tatjana Nikolic
Concierge, Playa Resort
Marbella, Spain
Click here to see the Spanish version

Kelly MurdickAli R. Rodriguez is a great Results Coach to help with ideas when you are stuck or considering new avenues in your life! I have been blessed with her help over the years and  deeply appreciate her and her work!

Kelly Murdick, LMBT
Physicians Choice Massage
Charlotte, NC

“Ali, I would like to personally thank you for the time we spent on the phone. You made some important things in my mind click into place. In one month’s times from our Vision Chat,  I have been able to find my passion and purpose and give myself permission to follow it.  I stepped out of my comfort zone,  completely moved to a new State and I am opening my business, Laser Option Alternatives, on this coming Monday.  You were right,  nothing would fall into place until I followed my passion to find my purpose. I feel more in harmony with creation and aligned with source.   Thank you!!!”

Rebecca Cooley, C.E.O.
Laser Option Alternatives


“Ali is an amazing coach who is passionate about your passions. In one conversation with her I walked away feeling empowered and had practical steps I needed for my own business. Ali is one of those people you are happy to have on your side, and she only sees the greatness within you and ensures you know it! If you are looking to live your passions, or looking for practical steps for your business, or even if you are looking for someone who believes in you, go ahead and have a Vision Chat with Ali. You will be glad you did!”

Keisha Levy
Management Consultant

“Just spend an hour on the phone with Ali R. Rodriguez and you will see she is a really powerful lady. I love it when I go to a coaching session and the person is well prepared and ready to go. Thank you, Ali, for being both. I can’t wait to listen to the tape you are giving me of the session. I know I will learn even more. Friends In Route will be enriched by your knowledge. No matter how well you are doing in business this lady can take you further.”
William Hodges, President
Hodges Seminars International



“Working with Ali over the past few months as I was starting my online coaching business has been great!  Three qualities stand out about her coaching:

– She is a generous person, very willing to pass on her experience and resources so that I would be successful.

– She is always positive – there is always a bright side no matter what obstacle appears to be blocking the path.

– She is skilled in knowing how much you can handle.  As a newbie to online marketing, I was starting from square one.  She would make a suggestion about this or that but never give me so much that I felt overwhelmed.  At the same time she would make sure that I knew that there was more to learn as I became comfortable with the stage I was at.

Ali knows her stuff!  Add to that her passion and energy and commitment to helping you succeed and you’ve got a coach who really knows how to help you produce results!”

Peter Ball
Founder, Create the Career you Love!

“How do I begin to tell future clients how wonderful you really are? I have known you for nearly 30 years, and you are a major life force for me. When I was just a young woman, I watched you run a large transcription company in Miami, handling everything and everyone flawlessly (in two languages). You were the major cheerleader for every employee, for every client, for the boss, and for the neighborhood (I’m not kidding). That was a time when young women didn’t run businesses, but you were there, and that was just a beginning. What an inspiration you were for me, and how helpful you have been throughout my life!

If, as Ali says, you are stuck and unable to move, she is definitely the woman to get you up and moving again. Something troubling you from your past that you just can’t figure out? Ali will find it and help you fix it. In the wrong relationship, the wrong marriage, the wrong job? She will figure that out too, and give you the straight talk on what you need to do. Not quite sure how to put down what it is you really want to do? This woman is an intuitive genius at helping you figure things out.

I have watched her time after time help people in a caring and compassionate manner. It won’t be easy–she’s not all sugar and spice–but it will be loads of fun, a mind-altering experience, and you will always be grateful that Ali touched your life.”

Maggie Glasgow, Ph.D.
Retired Professor of Sociology

“Passionate, enthusiastic, original, smart. Those words describe Ali’s colorful personality. We’ve met at our local Chamber of Commerce meeting. I was blown away by Ali’s creative approach. She is passionate about helping new businesses and I was lucky enough to be one of her many generous projects. In a matter of minutes the plan of having Seminar Parties at my brand new Spa was developed. We called it Ali’s Nights with the topics such as “Having it Your Way”; “Success Leaves Clues.What Are Yours”; or “How Women Shop”. Ali’s unique style and interactive manner of her presentations attract more and more participants. This event became a regular monthly gathering of professional women in the area. It brings great visibility to my “PURE Skin and Body Care” spa adding a wonderful intellectual flavor to its menu.

On a personal level Ali has been my mentor on many issues a women faces in modern world. She is the one I first to talk when I need to make an important business or personal decision.

Thank you, Ali!”

Katia Guzhva
C.E.O. PURE Skin and Body Care
Ormond Beach FL

“From the first phone call I had with Ali, I was captivated by the Passionista idea.  I responded to Ali’s Facebook presence and asked her to collaborate with me on a project.  She was clear, concise in her advice, and more than that, her level of concern for me as a person is priceless. My experience in working with Ali was awesome.

One of the most significant and beneficial things I learned in coaching with Ali is that I am the most important person in my life. This helped me tremendously to create amazing programs for my clients.

Ali helped me change my entire focus to prioritize myself.  The more choices I make that move away from effortful tasking, the hotter my business is.  And hot it is; I am attracting more client contacts than ever before.

Here’s an amazing transformation:  Working with Ali actually MADE me more money than ever expected.  Her support helped me realize my true value and to charge fees accordingly that are more in line with the unique value I bring to my clients.

I was completely smitten by Ali’s energy and passion, and you will be too when working with her!

If you are on the sidelines or considering what your next entrepreneurial business move should be, now is the time to call Ali as she will escort you into the hard and fast world of business planning in a way that feels comfortable.  We Heart-based business owners need someone strong yet sensitive enough to walk us through the realities of creating a sustainable practice!”

Catherine Behan
Relationship Coach



Ali “adopted” me on Facebook just a short time ago, and from that day on I’ve learned a LOT about Social Media networking and its many professional benefits! You see, I’m trying to start my own business. I know how to do what I’m selling – virtual assistant – just didn’t know how to sell it in a Social Media Networking, on-line environment – I was your “deer caught in the headlights” kind of person. (Social Media Networking? what the heck is that?)

So, not only has Ali taught me some of the ins and outs of Facebook and the need for social networking on the internet (yes, Liz, Facebook can be used for business contacts too!). She’s helped me focus on the things I need to do to get noticed and bring huge amount of visibility to my on-line business!!! (Short of anything illegal)

WOW, after my first call with Ali I got all kinds of energy – more than I knew what to do with! I’ve never worked with any kind of personal coach before (business or otherwise), Ali is AMAZING!! I’ve found that working with her many things happen:

  • You better be hungry for what you want – she gives a LOT of food for thought.
  • You better be light hearted to receive whimsical tips and advice.
  • You had best be honest with yourself AND have goals in mind.
  • You better be ready to receive information in a blunt and caring kind of way.

Ali had already spent time in “prep work” prior to our call so she knew how to best guide me AND she gave me homework!! She told me there were MORE ways to make my website more functional and to make it WORK for me. She walked me through setting up different levels of services with a pricing to match what I am worth while finding a striking balance for a comfortable personal life!!!

And the best thing Ali has taught me; I’m the boss, stop thinking like an employee. (I’m not sure but she may have threatened to smack me upside the head if I didn’t get that one! Did I mention blunt and in a caring kind of way?)

Ali Rodriguez is passionate about helping people get their business going like gangbusters and she’ll help you with yours too by crafting a well-leveraged business model that builds trust with your ideal prospects so that you can get hired every time. You’ll be happy, your clients will be happy, you’ll have an awesome practice, and everyone wins!

Liz LaClair
President of Virtually Helps, LLC

“Ali, you have an amazing and unique gift in that you can help people find the passion center of their business – the true secret of success!”

Lynn Scheurell
Creative Catalyst

“This past week, Ali Rodriguez, Owner of Vision For Success was our speaker at our Net III Leads Group, Ormond Beach Chamber of Commerce.

Ali gave a highly motivational speech inspired by a video clip about a blind man and a kind man – Ali did what she does best:  INSPIRED and MOTIVATED us!!!

A wonderful success story comes from one of our members, Gail Halfhill from On the Run, Etc., who gives credit for much of her success to Ali Rodriguez.  Gail hired Ali to be her business coach 5 months ago, and now Gail’s business is booming!!!

There is no way anyone in Net III will not be successful with Ali on our side!”

Nancy Cortez, Leader Net III Group,
Ormond Beach Chamber of Commerce
Residential Realtor, Adams Cameron and Co. Realtors
Accredited Staging Professional, ASP



“I’m delighted for the opportunity to let everyone know in our Ormond Beach Chamber, Net III Leads group, that Ali Rodriguez has been a God send to me, not only does she get your business juices flowing but she really cares about you and your business.

When I decided to hire Ali, I really didn’t have enough clarity

about what needed to be done for my business nor did I know exactly if this was something I absolutely needed to do.

Boy, she did open my eyes!

I found out more information than I knew even existed and more importantly I learned to grow with my business. Ali is one tough cookie but she has the compassion like none other. I just wanted everyone else to know that she is an asset to any business, and she is a really great person to know. She oozes with passion and love and would do most anything to help you achieve your goals in business and personal life.

I think everyone should seek her advice and knowledge especially during these interesting, economic times.”

Gail Halfhill, C.E.O.
On The Run Etc
Premier Courier and Personalized Services
In Volusia and Flagler Counties
Ormond Beach,  FL

“I had the opportunity to work with Ali as part of a coaching program I belonged to. From the moment Ali and I first talked, I felt an immediate connection. She has such a radiant personality, and energy that is hard to rival. In our work together, I found Ali to be incredibly insightful. She was able to quickly get to the heart of the issues I brought her, breaking them down, and always leaving me with action to take and other things to consider.

I also appreciated her straightforward manner. Ali held me accountable, and helped me take steps in my business that would have taken me months to do on my own. I would highly recommend Ali Rodriguez to anyone that is serious about moving their business forward. Thank you, Ali!”

Lisa Jordan, C.E.O.
Human Solutions LLC

“Ali is a great communicator with a lot of know-how in running a business. She is innovative in her approach to business solutions. An extremely thorough and bottom-line oriented professional. Her solution based approach is the best I have encountered !”

Andy Lai
Senior Vice President/Assistant Director of Retail Banking
East West Bank

“I just finished my call with Ali and she has rocked my world!!!

Intuitive, passionate, resourceful, bold. These are just a few words that describe Ali and her fabulous energy. I think I QUANTUM LEAPED. She really touched my heart and soul, and did it in a way that I’m guessing only Ali, The Passionista Expert could do… yes?!!!!!

I’m excited for the opportunity to work with Ali ~ I’m off to passionately sizzle and rock!”

Tuck Self, C.E.O.
The Rebel Belle
Personal Growth Systems

“Thank You so much for your time and the love in your heart. There were times I wanted to respond to your newsletters but I guess I didn’t believe in myself enough to actually do it. But today, all that has changed. Today was one of the most uplifting days I have experienced in a long time. Today I saw the world from a whole different perspective.

After talking to you this morning, a little later a good friend that mentored me at the camp I was at for 10 months called me for the first time. He gets out on the 9th of February and was a multi-millioniare. He will get it all back and more and has vowed to help me be successful as well. Also a couple of job opportunities came up out of the blue and this evening my wife came over to visit me which she has only done a few times over the past year.

Today has made me more determined to go for my goals and rise above the past. I’m so looking forward to working with you come March. I prefer having a woman coach as women have that sixth sense that gives you a greater insight to thoughts and feelings that men don’t usually possess. I learned a lot about this from my wife, she is a very incredible woman. I am going to do everything I can to bring her with me in March and I would love for you to meet her.  Again Ali, Thank You so much for sharing your passion and love for life with me.

This was a day I will never forget!!”

Your new student Kurc LeBray
Retired C.P.A







“Ali is a very caring and energetic lady who helps coaching clients tap into their passion and apply it to their daily lives and businesses. With the kind of intuitive power that puts a shiver down your spine, she keys in on your real issues very quickly, and then applies tremendous creativity in helping you come up with a variety of action plans.”

Cynthia Edwards
Professional Freelance Journalist

“Ali, I just wanted to say thanks for the awesome call today. I knew from our initial meeting at the ICF conference back in November 2005, that you were an amazing and gifted person but the word that comes to mind today about you is  ‘goodness’. I felt so much goodness from you today and I am deeply grateful to have been the recipient once again of your kindness and wisdom.

My level of self acceptance increased dramatically today. All my life I have been labeled as shy, or quiet. I never felt that this really described me because inside of myself, although I was quiet, I was also fully engaged in everyone and everything that was going on around me. When you asked the question about what I do when I go in a room, and I realized I just smile and someone always approaches… Well, I had NEVER seen things this way before. I was given a big gift today. THANK YOU! I can honestly say that the REAL me did stand up today!

I also enjoyed spending time with you and Misty. There was definitely a synchronicity there.

I’m feeling extra happy since the call. Thanks for putting this out there today. It was great.”

Lynn Cohen, PCC
Personal and Professional Coach


“Thank you Ali for your many insights and encouragements as I brainstormed with you about starting a customer care business. Your humor always found the right moment to intervene in my logistic struggles, and you helped to keep the momentum going to lay foundations towards a vision for success.

I will always appreciate every moment we brainstormed, every moment of introspection your questions raised, and every moment of your beautiful laughter as you encouraged me on.”

Irma Landon, C.E.O.
Creative Customer Care Expert
Ormond Beach,  FL

“I used your decision-making technique last week on a business decision, and it was very helpful! I had some independent workshops scheduled, but I was not happy with the terms of the rental agreement for the space. I was able to get the big picture on the issue with your method. I canceled the workshops, and Im very happy with my decision! Thanks!”

Susan Cleaver
Creative Living Coach

“Thanks again for an awesome, enlightening session. You gave me *lots* to think about and consider, and a lot of clarity on where to go next. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Also, thanks for taking the extra time… that means a lot. We went *way* over the half hour! But boy, did we accomplish a lot! Thanks so much!

Here’s a little testimonial, straight from my heart. Put it on your site, print it in your newsletter… use it any way that would be helpful to you.

A session with Ali is enlightening, insightful and lots of fun! She motivates her clients by helping them to focus, clarify their purpose, and take strong action steps. Her warmth and humor are contagious and bring great depth to her sessions. When coming away from a session with Ali, a client has fresh perspective, more motivation, and many new ideas and intentions! If you want to find a wellspring of possibilities regarding starting or growing your business, a session with Ali will be of tremendous help! She’s wonderful!”

Kim Loftis
Life and Spiritual Coach
Burnsville,  NC

“We met for a reason. I truly believe this. You have been a true friend and confidant to me. I would like to share a saying that I always remember and keep in my mind, it goes like this:

There’s a quality that makes us brothers

No one goes at it alone

What I put into the life of others

Always comes back to my own

Ali, my friend, your life will be rich and full because you have given so much of yourself to others. It’s the way you listen, evaluate, suggest and direct that makes you so unique.

I want so much to thank you for all the time and caring you have given to me. With your guidance I have been able to find the solutions that I have been looking for. I’m so happy you are in my life.”

Pam Gow
Residential Realty Specialist
Las Vegas, Nevada

“Words cannot express what your seminar did for all of us. We all left knowing a lot more about ourselves and our journeys. This particular group, in one way or the other, is blessed to heal the world for the betterment of it.

Thank you for your passion in conveying love and knowledge to the world and because of it we are the ones reaping the rewards.

Again, thank you.”

Antonia Pineiro, President
Faces by Antonia
Edgewater,  FL

“What is opportunity, and when does it knock? It never knocks. You can wait a whole lifetime, listening, hoping, and you will hear no knocking. None at all. You are opportunity, and you must knock on the door leading to your destiny. You prepare yourself to recognize opportunity, to pursue and seize opportunity as you develop the strength of your personality, and build a self-image with which you are able to live — with your self-respect alive and growing.”

Maxwell Maltz

“In reflecting on writing my testimony about you, Ms. Ali Rodriguez, I came across the above quote and it made me think about you and the way you touch people’s lives encouraging them to believe in the possibilities. As far as me personally when I would share an idea that I am about to undertake, you would also support me in the possibilities and support me in knocking on the door and all the great opportunities waiting for me behind that door.

It has only been two years since we met but it seems like a lifetime. I appreciate you and wish you the greatest success as you “knock on the door leading to your destiny.”

Thank you for believing in me and supporting my goals and aspirations.”

Barbie K. Reed, C.E.O.
Nurturing Yourself Seminars
National Training Consultant &
Workshop Facilitator

“We meet interesting, different people as we go along in life almost on a daily basis. Some come and go, some stay for a while and move on, and then some make a tremendous impact on us, and this stays with us our lifetime.

You Ali, are one of the people that has had a tremendous impact on me. I started my business and you were one of my very first customers. You began right away giving me tips to help me grow my business, reaching out to me with information and encouragement, and all because you believed in me and my abilities. You had nothing to gain from this, but you continued to show me how to reach beyond what I could see today, to reach to a great tomorrow, and to be strong and confident.

You showed me how to look beyond the moment and set goals and to reach for those goals with a strong and proud attitude. You have a way Ali of showing people that they can do anything they set their minds to do, and then you show them how. And you do all this with such joy, enthusiasm, and energy, and this sure does rub off on those around you. Thank you Ali, for being an inspiration to me and also my dear friend.”

Bonnie White, C.E.O.
The Pampered Pooch
Exclusive Pet Sitting Services
Ormond Beach,  FL

“Ali is a very dynamic and motivating woman. She’s very intuitive as to when you need a push or just a nudge to move you in the right direction whether it be in your business or your life. She is able to help you be more than what you thought you could be and help you find your way.

I met Ali at a Professional Independent Business meeting. The friendship started there. Ali, I look forward to our continuing friendship and all of your wonderful and always timely encouragement.

Congratulations on your new business Visions for Success. I know you will be a tremendous asset for all you clients as you definitely have the necessary tools to help and challenge all who turn to you for assistance and training.”

Pat Ollinger
Retired School Teacher
Ormond Beach,  FL

“If you are searching for the right person to assist you in meeting your goals, Ali Rodriguez is the one. Vibrant, energetic, positive, intelligent, warm, inspirational, and humanistic are some of the attributes which best describe her.

When she identifies a problem she tackles it with her heart and soul and persists until a satisfactory solution has been reached. Her sense of humor is contagious. She has the interpersonal skills and ethics to guarantee a win-win plan. You will miss the opportunity of a lifetime if you fail to contact Ali to discuss your business needs.”

Marilyn Lavelle, MS
Retired Nursing Chairperson
Eastern Maine Community College





“Ali Rodriguez will set your business journey on the correct footing for success. She will inspire you to see the choices you have to make and set the plan in motion with ease. Knowing her for several years, she has helped me to be positive and have the right attitude for my business. I would recommend her as a coach to anyone who wants to obtain their goals.”

Jon Keith, The Memory Trainer

“As a Recording Artist in my younger years, I traveled the world performing in concerts and Television work. I was privileged enough to live the lifestyle of a celebrity. As I grew older, my lifestyle changed and I gave up on my career and myself, but continued to stay in the business by becoming a songwriter.

In my heart, I always knew I could be a star again. I have the talent and looks to pull it off, but unfortunately, I lost my sense of confidence and the power to convince the big shots in Nashville of my possibilities. So, in the past few years, I have been looking back with deep regret and a heartbreaking loss of my career, until I found Ali Rodriguez.

After a few meetings with Ali and her supreme coaching, I have suddenly become stronger. I am more determined than ever to get my life back. Ali has shown me areas of myself I never realized before. I am learning to focus, stay on track and not let disappointments stop or, even, slow me down.

Her pink dress theory (something you should all know about) was a major breakthrough concept that helped me see my mistakes and how wrong I have been in thinking I couldn’t do it all again. Her coaching is right on target. She is strong, relentless and a little pushy. She has motivated me into a very exciting stage in my life and given me a clear view of how to be a winner. She thinks totally positive and is teaching me to set goals, to follow through, zero in on what makes me happy and what I want out of life.

No longer am I letting other people control my destiny, I am in control and I feel great!

Thank you Ali Rodriguez and keep up the good work!”

Sunday Sharpe
Songwriter and Composer
Nashville, Tennessee

Stephanie Levine“There are many types of business people in the world. For some, their successes are validated by a lifetime of focus and direction which makes them financially successful from the start. And even those people value from having others review their businesses from time to time.

But for most of us; we are visionaries. We have ideas, concepts, sometimes we even hope to share these ideas with others. Perhaps we don’t even understand the value of what that knowledge or skill is. There are many of us who need a push, encouragement, by another. One who understands an idea or concept and develop it into a business so that others may benefit from it as well.

That my friend Ali is who and what you are. You have the ability to recognize those special talents, help crystallize what needs to be done, and to make those “ideas” into a reality. You are truly gifted. You are able to succinctly help us get through the maze of confusion both mentally and materially. Whether you help us to review and utilize what is already the foundation of an existing business, or help us make our visions a reality, you have the ability to get us focused and on the right track.

The tenacity and passion you use in helping one succeed both personally and in business is unrivaled by none; I feel privileged to be one of your clients. Your success and legacy to what you do will be left by those who utilized your advice and made themselves successful with their business.”

Stephanie Levine, C.E.O.
New Paths

“I was thinking of you and what a wonderful spirit you have. How you can maintain that positive outlook all of the time is beyond me.

You are one great role model to so many people that you come in contact. Keep up the beautiful spirit you have.”

Luz M. Ibáñez, Property Manager
The Continental Group
Port St. Lucie,  FL

“We would like to thank Ali, for all of her help throughout the years as we continue to grow our business. Not only has she provided direction where we needed it most, she has inspired us to expand our minds to grow our company larger than we thought possible. Ali has helped so many people grow in their business and their lives in general with her coaching expertise, her devotion to her work and to all of her clients. Most of all, what inspires and moves people to “make it happen” is Ali’s exuberant enthusiasm and strong passion for what she does to benefit you in your business and in your life!”

Kerry Walters
VP of Business Operations
Ormond Computer Company

“Ali has that rare combination of uncanny intuition about what is needed and about what works, PLUS a breadth and depth of practical knowledge and experience in coaching business owners to move their businesses to the next level. And, her passion is certifiably contagious.

Ali’s coaching helped me gain clarity on the many facets of the ‘big picture’ or my new business, and helped me focus my efforts on the most critical actions first. And now, every time I review my notes from our sessions, I create a great new action plan for myself as I’m now ready to implement even more of the dozens of great ideas she gave me. DO what this lady tells you to do (and take notes when she talks!)”

Evelyn Levenson
Professional Health Coach
Port Orange,  FL


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