The Earth is Shaking


No matter where you live, you must know by now that the world is encountering unusual, big weather patterns and events.

The United States in particular is encountering fires in the West Coast and part of the Mid-West, while Texas is dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and Florida is brazing for Hurricane Irma expected to be bigger than Andrew in South Florida 25 years ago.

Please be prepared.  For hurricane sensitive zones, visit this very helpful website and for all others check with your local government agencies:

SO NOW I ASK YOU, does it feel to you like the Earth is shaking itself up, and us along with it?   Is Mother Nature mad at us?  Or is this signaling the beginning of future changes to come?

Whatever your answer, these events are changing a lot of us.  The soil shifts and so do our souls.  Business will not go on as usual, values will have to be re-visited and for some, this will mean deep, impacting changes in their daily living and way of being.  We’re being re-vamped, re-shuffled and re-born….and for many, not in an easy way.  Bear this in mind when you wonder what happened, and what hit you.  Also remember to reach out as you are not alone, nor should you ever be!

This has been a year of tremors, uncertainty and re-direction for me.  Unusual and unprecedented circumstances have manifested in perplexing ways leaving me in shock and disbelief.  Suddenly I realized that this ring of fire that I’m going through is meant for me to become not only a better coach and advisor to my clients, but a much deeper and compassionate human being that I could have ever imagined.

The biggest lesson was in humility and courage, so that I could reach out to others and ask for help; publicly, with transparency and authenticity.  Hiding behind the pain and suffering, was no longer an option, as that is NOT who I am.  Telling my Truth is.  Re-learning to let go, trust the process and believe that no matter what, God has my back….was a monumental soulful shift.  One that fills my heart every day as I’m touched deeply by the love of others.

As you go through your own Ring of Fire, be proud of who you are, reach out, and tell your Truth.  There is beauty and grace in that.  There is genuine love to self and others when that particular transformation begins to take place…and the love of self and others, will sustain you and will make you stronger.

Remember, you are not alone.  You are important, you matter and you are very much loved!

Live in Grace, Faith and Trust!
I’m with you every step of the way.


Ali R. Rodriguez
Premier Business Coach to Medical Doctors,
Entrepreneurs and the Self-Employed

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P.P.S:  The biggest moments in life are defined by one resolute decision and that defining moment is NOW.


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