Are You Walking Your Walk?


Walk the Walk

It is important to stay in alignment with who you are.  Walking your walk becomes monumental in achieving happiness and fulfillment.  Those who know this, practice it to the point of mastery; and isn’t mastery one of life’s simple goals?

We are under a very auspicious time to create strategic, 24 months plans, both personal and professional.  So why not bring your future into your present with a few simple steps and a calendar?

Watch what happens when you invest in a one-on-one, two-hour, strategic planning design to make your wishes turn into reality. 

You can choose PERSONAL, or PROFESSIONAL.  If you want both, it can be arranged at different times, but not both at once.  Each session is individually priced and can be recorded for your convenience.

During these sessions we will focus on:
  • Clarifying your values.
  • Creating your mission statements.
  • How to strengthen personal skills.
  • What needs to change?
  • Who needs to change?
  • Determining your area of excellence.
  • How to get from point A to B to C. 
  • Identify the “what else” do you want from life and business.
  • How to create sustainable results.
  • Implementation and Follow-Up.
The price for the TWO Hour session is only:  $199.00 per client.  My regular, ONE-hour coaching session price is $300.00.   Take advantage of this opportunity now, as this is a one time offer only, valid through May 19th, 2014.
Secure your spot here:    undefined

Consider gifting this opportunity to an employee, colleague, or someone that you know can  use it.

Treat yourself and others, to a life-changing experience where what you plan, you will indeed get!

I am looking forward to be of service to you, your business,  and your dreams!
Much Love and Success,


Ali R. Rodriguez 

International Business Coach,
Passionista Leader and

Intuitive Activist

PS:  Act NOW.  There is no moment like the Present!  undefined


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