Ali-RodriguezDSC_7337LR_I am the CEO and proud owner of Vision For Success.  Global, Business Coaching and Consulting Service, tailored specifically to meet the needs of Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners who want to enhance, grow and expand the quality of their businesses and the quality of their lives.

I love providing clients with professional, personalized services and guidance in the areas of business planning, strategic development, marketing plans, branding, brainstorming, networking, social media strategies, operating procedures and financial overview .

As a child, I came to the United States after the Castro-Cuban-Communist revolution took over the Island. I began my life journey with my mother and two younger sisters in the area of Miami, Florida.  Shortly thereafter, work life began at the age of 16 in our local church of Corpus Christi, as a receptionist and file clerk. Through this early work experience, I understood the power of education and business skills that people needed to be successful entrepreneurs and winners in life.

Aside from being an avid world traveler, multi-cultural and multi-lingual, with a unique understanding of diversity and cultural needs, I owned a computerized, on-line, medical transcription and dictation business in Southern Florida.  In this business, I had the privilege to coach many doctors and other medical professionals and small to mid-sized business alike, since 1983.

I now reside in Northern Central Florida. After surviving three devastating hurricanes in 2004, I empowered myself with resilience, self-reliance and a whole lot of passion, then made a commitment and clear action plans so that I could help others get a new lease on life.  Through turning adversity into opportunity, I understood my calling to be that of a business coach to help others re-build their businesses, and re-build their lives.

I am a creative problem-solver and a big thinker.  My independent spirit takes me places I never knew existed. I am a decisive, tenacious, visionary, enthusiastic, honest, inspiring, professional and passionate individual, with a great sense of humor and a realistic approach to what’s truly important in life. I am a motivator, a mentor, a consultant, a coach and a Passionista, all rolled-up into one.

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Additionally, I am now sharing my knowledge through the written word. I have recently been chosen to be featured alongside such best-selling authors as Les Brown (The Power of Purpose), Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul), andJack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Success Principle: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be). Together we have co-authored the book Mastering the Art of Success offering our own proven strategies for achievement. It's an amazing book and a great resource for start-ups and established businesses alike.  Take a peek

“Ali is a sensitive, savvy, creative woman who coaches clients to greatness using her greatest asset: an enormous heart! She hears the essence of who you are without having to make you explain, she understands the nuances of the human soul. I highly recommend Ali’s work to any business owner wanting to marry meaning and money in their work.”

–Nancy Marmolejo, Visibility Strategic Coach, and owner of Viva Visibility.

Community Affairs:

  • Since 2001, I have been a proud member of the Board of Directors for PACE Center Girls of Volusia and Flagler Counties. This is a year-round non-residential, academic program in the state of Florida, U.S.A., catering specifically to young girls 11 to 18 who are at high risk of becoming juvenile delinquents. It is through Education and Counseling these young girls grow up to be an awesome positive impact in their communities and become contributing members to society.
  • Contributor and Promoter of Habitat for Humanity of Flagler County.
  • Contributor and Promoter of the Red Cross International.

My passion for learning drives me to strive for excellence.  It is through live summits and full curriculum programs that I further my professional education and personal growth development.  This allows me to provide my clients with the latest tools and practice for the ultimate life and business transformation they could ever experience.

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