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 ARE YOU READY FOR SOMETHING NEW? CHANGE is NOT always easy but Oh, it can be so beautiful.   NOTHING changes, unless YOU change.  Goals without action, are just goals.  And dreams without Dreamers, can turn into nightmares.  — What I’m saying is…..TIME TO TAKE ACTION! AND I mean NOW! Having a business comes with its […]

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WHAT EVERY Entrepreneur Needs

Did you know that the following SEVEN B’s are a must-have for every Entrepreneur to succeed in business and life?  This is what every entrepreneur needs: 1.  BE Passionate about what you do. 2.  BE Proud of who you are and who you serve. 3.  BE Purposeful with your endeavors and goals. 4.  BE Profitable […]

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Should YOU Stay or Should You Go?

ONCE UPON A TIME you either feel like running away from it all, or you simply face the music and take care of business the best way you know how.  If you happen to be at either one of these two crossroads of “SHOULD YOU STAY OR SHOULD YOU GO,” then this offer is not […]

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Self-Care is Our Divine Responsibility

This quote by my dear friend Zsuzsa Novak, spoke to me deeply: “Self-Care is our Divine Responsibility.” Never thought of it that way; however, she is right!  How can she not be! After surviving yet, another Florida Hurricane, I was left with energy-depletion.  It felt like “the Calm AFTER the Storm” and I was exhausted.  […]

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