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In this day and age of a very complex health care system that is on the verge of a breakdown, with skyrocketing costs and constant legal challenges; physicians and many medical professionals are the recipients of something never seen before, let alone expected or prepared for.  Doctors are at the receiving end of an un-precedented situation where making decisions in the best interest of their patients as well as the financial well-being of their practices, becomes more challenging every day.

Add to that an aging population where physicians need to spend more time with patients who have high-level medical problems, but reimbursements are declining.

More reporting requirements are expected of physicians leaving them with less quality time to spend with their patients.

In addition, major insurance carriers are decreasing reimbursements to physicians while raising the premiums to the patients.   This is a major factor causing physicians to leave their private practices and go to work for large groups or hospitals; when what they really want to do is stay in their practices to be the masters of their business and success.

Physicians are now incurring a different kind of stress they never anticipated when they went to medical school.

Many doctors are experiencing a career breakdown, affecting relationships.  There are many more, through vocation, dedication and hard work, who have spent a lifetime developing a career.

The question then becomes, now WHAT?

  • Are your business procedures and practices in need of improvements?
  • Have you maximized your earning potential?
  • Are you a physician being held-back by current events?
  • Do you want to transition your career and do something else?
  • Do you still love medicine and want to re-gain your sense of well-being while in the middle of tremendous challenges?
  • Are you in a leadership position and yet, acquiring new management skills seem to elude you and if you have them, you question if they’re effective?
  • Are you in the process of adding new income streams to your practice through new health products or other additional services, and not sure yet what’s the best business model to follow?
  • Are you encountering challenges with employee retention and staff relationships?

If any of the above describes you, I can help.  You are now in a position of deciding the fate of your business by eliminating the big money wasters, the time-sucking issues which leaves you energy-depleted and you will add balance to your physical and emotional life.

Ali Rodriguez

I am Ali Rodriguez, Business Coach to Physicians and Medical Professionals, providing coaching services to doctors, hospital administrators, chiefs of staff and private practice physicians for over 25 years.

This experience has positioned me to better understand the unique stress factors that physicians are enduring.  Now more than ever, the medical profession needs business coaches who fully understand the underlying factors of physicians stress and dissatisfaction.

These may be some of your challenges:

  • Stay in your present business
  • Change careers
  • Work for a medical conglomerate
  • Be a leader to your peers
  • Become an entrepreneur within a medical practice

I bring solutions to your challenges!Male-&-Female-Doctors

Depending on the complexity of your challenge and your specific coaching needs, I offer business coaching programs that consists of individualized, telephone coaching sessions as follows:

Platinum – 12 Months – 3   90 Minutes sessions per month.

Gold – 6 months –           2    75 Minutes sessions per month.

Silver – 3 months –            75 Minutes sessions per month.

To go into more details as to what each coaching program can do for you, I offer you an initial, one-hour, phone Medical Vision Chat as your introductory special offer to my services for a one-time investment of only $197.00 – To secure your spot, click below NOW.


DELICIA HAYNES, M.D.“What would your business look like if you could consistently stay out of your own way and make the changes necessary to take your life to the next level?

Working with Ali Rodriguez has helped me stretch beyond my perceived limitations, keep an eye on the bottom line, and continually move forward toward the practice and life of my dreams. She also has introduced me to outstanding vetted professionals who have been a joy to work with.

Prior to working with Ali I was overwhelmed, frustrated with my vendors, wearing too many hats, and moving in so many directions that I was getting nowhere. I felt like I had created my own prison rather than the healthy practice I intended.

Growth has not been comfortable, but I am on track and excited about the changes I’ve seen and those soon to come!”

Delicia M. Haynes, M.D.

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