Coming Out of the Closet!


Yes, indeed, Passion is the key to your personal power. It’s what I live, it’s what I teach and it’s what creates new results for my clients. And – finally! – I’m happy to tell you it’s the singular focus of my work.

Having worked with hundreds of clients over the years to help them grow their businesses and live happier lives by connecting to their inner passion, I’ve honed the art of passionate living to a science.

And, at last, I’m coming out of the closet about it. Up until now, I’ve followed the voices of traditional business and toned down my natural gifts to lead with being a business coach and consultant; while all along, the very “Intuitive”, high-powered side of me, continued to grow by leaps and bounds.

The truth is that my clients get the biggest results from tapping their inner passion and THAT creates results in all different life areas – business, relationships, health, finances… and much, much more.

With the beginning of a New Year, I’m stripping it all down to the essential value that comes from me being in my passion – and that’s helping my clients access their passion to increase their personal power and create big change where it matters most to them in their lives.

Over the next few months,
you’ll be seeing a lot of changes from me. And it starts today with this email. I’m coming out of my closet to proclaim three things:

1) Passion is the key to success.

2) Passion is your Personal Power.

3) Passion AND Intuition, are your Best Friends Forever.

And this is a huge element to your personal satisfaction, productivity and over-all well-being.

Here’s the rub – over time, most people forget their passion. They go through the motions, living from routine and make decisions from habit rather than passion. And then they aren’t as successful as they could be… it’s unfortunate.

The solution is simple – find, live and lead…from your passion! But how do you do that when you’ve forgotten it, misplaced it, ignored it or don’t even know what it is? That’s where I come in… you call The Passionista!

Through January 31st, you can do a Vision Chat with me at a special introductory price (I’m sharing the joy of me being in my passion to support you in living from yours!).

A Vision Chat is a very private, one-on-one, personal conversation where we explore a situation that’s happening in your life in depth so you gain awareness, get answers and walk away with a focused action plan on how to handle it to get the results you want. Together, we’ll focus on your passion to unlock your personal power in that situation.

This is the most powerful way that I know to create big change in your life right away. And, through January 31, my goal is to help as many people as possible with a special introductory rate for personal Vision Chats. As of February 1, Vision Chats will be $197; through January 31, your Vision Chat will be just $99 (to celebrate my ‘coming out’ party!).

To schedule your special Vision Chat now for the special $99 ‘coming out’ rate, go here.

So, think about a situation that is bothering you, not going well or feels lackluster because THAT is something that needs your passion in a new way. And then schedule your Vision Chat with me today… it will literally change your future.

Here’s to Living Passionately!


Ali R. Rodriguez
Your Passionista Expert
(386) 615-6282

P.S.: If you aren’t sure if this is for you, stop and look at your life right now. Do you leap out of bed to get started with your day? Are you rapturous about how you spend your time? Are you rich with love and laughter every day? Are you in love with your life? If there is anything you would change in your life, the fastest way to do it is with your directed passion. (Passion is better than willpower at keeping your new year’s resolutions, by the way.)

So, to access your personal power, create new results with fresh awareness and focused action, take the first step to your new future by scheduling your Vision Chat now. Click here and we’ll get started asap!

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  1. This is wonderful… I’m super excited for you and for everyone that will benefit from your amazing intuitive gift which I have experienced myself during our phone conversations. This is the not only HOT NEWS it’s the BEST NEWS.

    • ali at #

      Thank you Dawn. I can’t wait to start sharing my gift on a much grander scale. Thanks for playing in my sandbox. This is going to rock.

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