Are YOU ready to kill the bully?


ARE YOU READY to kill the bully who shuts you up and doesn’t let you talk?  It irks you doesn’t it?  Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.  If you’re ready to kill the bully, let’s get to work on it.

A dear friend and colleague of mine Nancy Marmolejo, recently posted a thought-provoking question which took me back to the years where I would not take BS from anyone.  Here’s what Nancy asked:

“When someone tells you to ‘tone it down’ (ie, you’re being a little too YOU), what part of you are they trying to shut down?”

Wow, what a question, right?  It made me think long and hard of the times when it happened to me.  Of course, the answer is as stated above, the part of me that would not take BS from any one, and yet, I got the results that I wanted.

However, once upon a time there was this incident.  I was about to give a proposal presentation to get a big hospital contract in South Florida.  Unfortunately, I had a lot of resistance from the Chief of Radiology, who,  from the get-go, started to present his very strong objections. He told me I had 3 things against me: 

1. My age. (as in too young)
2. My Gender. (as in female)
3. My Cultural Background. (as in not from this Country)

I was the only female in the room out of 13 people, including the hospital administrator whose final decision came down to him. –I was so outraged at his demeanor, I stood-up, walked right up to him, and told him in no certain way, that while he cited 3 things against me, I only had one against him.  In the middle of his shock as I stood above him, he asked:  What would that be? To which I replied,  You, Doctor X, are SHORT! (He really was, as in 5 ft. 4 with a Napoleon complex…Not very wise nor elegant of me to say so, but I was pissed!)

What happened next?  Everyone cracked-up laughing, the tension in the room was eased and I walked away with a three year signed contract in my little hand. And what became of the good doctor and I? A year down the line, we became collaborators and advocates on behalf of better patient care.  And by the way, he was a terrific diagnostician.

Moral of the story:  Stand your ground and don’t let others take away from you the very thing that makes you…YOU.  Sometimes, the bully could come from within.  Those are the times when you hold back for fear of offending or saying the wrong thing.  It’s true, and we all go through it.  This becomes the perfect time to evolve even more into the amazing YOU that you have become and I can help:

If this sounds familiar, one single session with me can enhance
your life experiences ten-fold.  Business grows, you grow, your clients grow:  WIN-WIN-WIN

This is your moment to shine.


I always like to close by reminding you that this is the Journey of many and that YOU are NOT alone.  You are important, you matter and you are very much loved! 

Live in Faith, with Elegance and Trust!
I’m with you every step of the way.


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