What’s The Difference

Counseling, Consulting, Mentoring, Coaching

by Ali R. Rodriguez

Think about what is truly happening in your life. Depending on your unique situation, you may need:

Counseling or Therapy: The therapist would help you find out what emotional trauma you may have encountered in the past to produce the painful situation you are in. The therapist will help you identify areas of pain, and will help you deal with the emotional trauma in those particular areas, so that you learn to grow from it, leave it behind, and move on.

Consulting: The consultant brings expertise, proven methods or advice to your particular business or life needs. The consultant will show you how to do some of the things, will explain them to you, and may even “do” some of them for you. The consultant will then leave you and in a few months or so, the consultant may return to see how well you have managed the tasks you wanted to accomplish.

Mentoring: The mentor would listen carefully to your experiences. Will share with you some of his /her similar experiences with you, and will show you the way to wisdom and lessons learned and will teach you how to better yourself from the things you have learned. Mentoring is about sharing wisdom.

Coaching: The Coach will help you identify what is truly important to you. To get clear and real about what you “really” want and get you to where you want to go. The Coach will then encourage you, support you, cheer you, and will help you to specifically design the results you expect to achieve. The Coach will help you create your road map to success and move you into gear to take action. The Coach will help you focus, challenge you, hold you accountable and confront you when you are not meeting your commitments. It will help you stick to the plan. The Coach is also a Confidant, someone who wants you to win above all else. Coaches are non-judgmental, have positive regard and acceptance of you. Coaches are highly ethical, authentic, honest, compassionate and sensitive. Coaching is “relationship-based”. Coaching is about growing, improving and expanding the quality of business, the quality of life.

Now, find out about your wants, needs, strong points and the areas where you might need a little “professional nudging.”



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