♦  Are you tired of running around with a heavy heart and yet, keeping up a brave front ?


♦  Your friends and family don’t have a clue of what you’re going through no matter how much and how often you tell them?


♦  Is your pain and suffering obvious to many, purposely being ignored?


Welcome to The Confessional

I can help you!

♦  Do you have strong feelings at times to run away and not come back?

♦  Obstacles get in your way as if on purpose to make you fall and not get up?

♦  The same mistakes get repeated and beating yourself-up over them leaves you drained, sad and depressed?

♦  Blaming others for past misfortunes no longer works to your advantage?

  Do you feel at times that being happy, healthy and wealthy is meant for other people but not you?

♦  Are there moments when you almost believe the Cosmos is orchestrating all of what you’re enduring?

♦  Do you keep on attracting the same crappy people and circumstances that you swore you’d never let that happen again?

The Process

“Tapping into the deep issues of what’s really inside, becomes a monumental factor in helping you accomplish life.”

We go from tap, to dig, to channel energy, to finally transform by way of specific actions steps, to be an amazing version of a truer self, bringing much prosperity while fulfilling your mission on this planet.  You will be able to eliminate your money-wasters, your time-sucking issues that leave you energy-depleted and exhausted, and will find healthy balance in your business and your life.


♦  Do you have secrets that have been buried for so long and yet, they seem to come back when you least expect them and they add to your unresolved issues?

♦  You want to cry but you can’t…. Afraid that you won’t stop?

♦  You seek silence and instead you find more noise?

♦  Have “distractions” become your daily bread?

♦  Being in control of anything is now a thing of the past?

I’m a Life Simplifier helping people do more of what they love, thus creating a circle of joy and fulfillment.

I can help you!

♦  Is there ever anything you did that still feels so wrong and you don’t know how to find forgiveness?

♦  Are guilt and shame keeping you in silence and in fear of speaking-up?

♦  No one knows how you really feel inside and you’re ready to burst?

♦  Do you feel like you’re running out of steam, time and energy?

♦  Has your internal garden of flowers turned into a garden of thorns?

♦  Does your life feel like a merry-go-around and you don’t know how to make it stop?

♦  Are you at a point where you need to talk to someone but you don’t know who to really trust?

IF ANY of the above describes you or even remotely resonates with you…this is the place to be!

It is time to let it all out, let go of the heavy-weight and find redemption for yourself.  Think of how much you have to gain, and the sense of relief is priceless.

Let go of resentments, guilt, shame, abandonment, poor self-worth, envy, distrust and reclaim your rightful place in this space and time. You are important, and YOU…matter. You always will.

It is because of YOU that I have created this sacred space I call “The Confessional” so that the things you cannot say to others, you can say to me. This space is about creating peace for yourself, not for others, and finally healing all your internal wounds.

I know your pain, I have been there too.

What Can YOU Expect?

  • Relief from burden
  • To experience freedom, redemption and well-being
  • Confession is not only good for the soul, it is also good to your physical and mental health, and overall sense of wellness.

TO GET STARTED on your path to redemption:

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  TRANSFORMATION through Action Steps, that’s the KEY!

The Confessional time can be as long as you want or as short as you want. It usually runs 75 to 90 minutes.

The flat fee is only $197.

  Imagine what a positive shift to your life to find the freedom to release the past,  and finally be detached of outcomes.

  Peace of mind and well-being, is yours to have in 90 minutes or less.

  YOU have the right to a healthy, wealthy and happy life.

  All of this and more… is yours at The Confessional!


At this time in my life, I feel the calling to serve, at a deeper spiritual level, those who are carrying internal burdens. While I am not a priest, priestess, religious consecrated person, doctor nor medical healer, I am a person who listens to your pain and I am guided to help you heal whatever is in your heart and soul.

Disclaimer: The information I provide is intended to help you in your journey to release what is not yours to carry any longer. It is intended to inform, inspire, transform and sometimes even entertain, as when there is pain, there will be laughter. It is NOT intended as medical advice or treatment. That’s what medical professionals are for. And this is definitely NOT the place for anyone who has broken the law or intends to, in any way, shape or form.

Ali Rodriguez

Ali is a successful, professional Life and Business Coach with over 35 years of experience, and with clients from different walks of life and cultures, all over the world.

With her very unique coaching style, Ali helps people make quantum leaps in their lives and businesses. Ali believes the bottom line of any business is connected to how you feel about yourself and your sense of self-worth. Therefore, tapping into the issue of what’s really inside is a monumental factor in helping you accomplish, and exceed your business and life goals. Contact Ali.


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