Virtual Intuitive and Leadership

♦  Are negative beliefs drowning you in a sea of confusion?
♦  Is NOT having  money hurting your sense of self-worth?
♦  Do you need to BE more authentic and heartfelt?
♦  Is finding your Leader’s Voice KEY in making and being a difference?


INTUITION & LEADERSHIP: Living at the Edge of Change ™ is the answer!

This is NOT just another personal development program; this is the “quantum leap” into your success.  It is, of all things,  a revolutionary change taking place in your Soul. The on-going pursuit of happiness longs for the deep connection of head AND heart which calls for you to be a witness to this impacting process that allows you to expand your capacity to BE more, have more, enjoy more.

As a seasoned business coach, I’ve worked with people from all walks of life, cultures, and languages; however, the bottom line of their business is always tied to the bottom line of how they feel about themselves and their sense of worth.

I want to help you discover your Intuitive Leadership path. This is the golden key to your sense of self-worth, contribution and living fully.

Where can you make this discovery? Virtual, Hands-on Workshops on-line, available to you at this time. Reserve your space NOW.

Think about your big money-wasters, your time-sucking activities that leave you energy-depleted and focus on all of what you have to gain  with  “Intuition and Leadership” by your side.  Yes, You are Living at the Edge of Change!”  ——————————————————————————————

It is life-transforming and your investment will come back to you many times over with outstanding results.  NO More wasting money, NO More wasting time.

10 am to 2 pm – Virtual workshop:          $497.00 per person


INTUITION & LEADERSHIP: Living at the Edge of Change ™

During Part I of the workshop you will learn:

1. What Intuition & Leadership is and why it’s important.
2. Living at the Edge of Change: What’s Next?
3. The Power of Leading and Implementing.
4. Channeling energy to eliminate distractions.
5. Community and global engagement.
6. Collaborating and Co-Creating.
7. Shifting Values – Shifting Lives.

During Part II of the workshop you will learn the importance of TELLING YOUR OWN TRUTH so that you can:

  • Clean your spiritual closet.
  • Connect head AND heart.
  • Connect Words and Actions.
  • Empower yourself with actions, not just wishes.
  • Enjoy the magic of being YOU.

The benefits of Telling YOUR OWN TRUTH will help you deal with:

  • Self-Doubt: The Silent Killer. (And why self-pity is a choice)
  • Cleansing your internal house of all things holding you back.
  • Creating lasting and meaningful relationships that will fulfill you.

By doing the INTERNAL WORK you can:

  • Find answers to clear doubts.
  • Live a Life of WINS
  • Achieve the Art of FULFILLMENT.
  • The attainment of HAPPINESS.

This is a high-energy, interactive workshop where you will learn about your own truth, and more importantly, how to tell it! You will learn how Your Truth positively impacts your business bottom-line.

10 am to 4 pm – Virtual workshop:          $497.00 per person

This Intuition and Leadership Workshop is offered virtually for your convenience. However, nothing beats the experience of BEING WITH ME LIVE, fully present, channeling energy and connecting head AND heart.

Live with Passion, Empowerment, Courage and Action! The time to answer your Intuitive Leader’s call is NOW. Embrace the changes that are coming, and know what to do with them.

If any of the above describes you, I can help.Ali Rodriguez

Ali is a successful, professional Life and Business Coach with over 35 years of experience, and with clients from different walks of life and cultures, all over the world.

With her very unique coaching style, Ali helps people make quantum leaps in their lives and businesses. Ali believes the bottom line of any business is connected to how you feel about yourself and your sense of self-worth. Therefore, tapping into the issue of what’s really inside is a monumental factor in helping you accomplish, and exceed your business goals.

10 am to 4 pm – Virtual workshop:          $497.00 per person


Ali has that rare combination of uncanny intuition about what is needed and about what works!!!
~ Evelyn Levenson, Professional Health Coach

DELICIA HAYNES, M.D.What would your business look like if you could consistently stay out of your own way and make the changes necessary to take your life to the next level?

Working with Ali Rodriguez has helped me stretch beyond my perceived limitations, keep an eye on the bottom line, and continually move forward toward the practice and life of my dreams. She also has introduced me to outstanding vetted professionals who have been a joy to work with.

Prior to working with Ali I was overwhelmed, frustrated with my vendors, wearing too many hats, and moving in so many directions that I was getting nowhere. I felt like I had created my own prison rather than the healthy practice I intended.

Growth has not been comfortable, but I am on track and excited about the changes I’ve seen and those soon to come!

Delicia M. Haynes, M.D.

In one conversation with her I walked away feeling empowered and had practical steps I needed for my own business.

~ Keisha Levy, Management Consultant,


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