The Cat in The Mirror – and Leadership


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Have you ever seen a kitty play with its own reflection in front of a mirror?  It is an absolutely entertaining moment.  It probably is as entertaining for the cat as it is for the observer.

It makes you wonder what he really sees, what he thinks, what he feels, and what he is accomplishing with the spectacular show he’s putting on.  Does he believe he really is a cat or is he seeing a reflection of his ancestors – The Bigger Cats.

In Leadership, we style after what we believe and see in ourselves.  It is always a good idea to reflect on those beliefs and dig deeper as to how it is still serving your purpose and the lives of those you serve.

Truth be told, you are always changing, evolving and transforming. However, what happens IF you don’t? What if being stuck in leadership limbo is part of your present reality?

This is why self-examination and inner-reflection is so important as, otherwise, it would be highly ineffective to lead others, if you cannot lead yourself through evolution and transformation.  Just like many of the important things you do by default, looking inward needs to become a habit …  a way of being, so that you can be better at what you do, and who you are.

Make an appointment with yourself and put it in the calendar.  And just as you would not break your word to a client, boss, team-mates, friends or relatives, don’t even think of doing that to yourself!  Your word is gold, keep it!

This becomes an even more important issue, if you also happen to be a transformational leader, who’s constantly creating a supportive environment where responsibility is shared and influencing performance on a daily basis is your natural gift. You see where looking in the mirror becomes crucial, don’t you?

And yet, whatever leadership-style you posses –  self-examination, reflection and introspection – it’s always a great idea to do on a consistent basis.

Document your findings, and create a log of what needs to change, adjust or remove.   This, in turn, will provide you with a great deal of clarity so that you can continue to:

• Earn trust and respect.
• Encourage creativity.
• Influence peak performance.
• Guide.
• Motivate.
• Inspire.
• Be a role model to those who look up to you.

Embrace the changes with gusto.  You will be appreciative of what these changes will make of you, and how it will impact your business and those you are serving.  Those looking up to you will emulate your ethics, integrity, standards of excellence and even your words.  People will follow your example, and even strive to be like you!

Turn your self-examination process into a routine.  Think of all of what you will gain in return.  As a bonus, you get to teach it to others following in your footsteps!

It’s a great legacy of pride, grace, elegance and style.

So tell me, each time when you look in the mirror, what and who do you see?

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