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Let’s get past the decision making turmoil, and actually make ONE decision to help you jump ship into a luxury liner.   You know that’s normally how things happen… is  when you least expect it, that all your wishes come true.

I don’t know how you live your life, but I know how I live mine…..MONUMENTALLY and always present.  No matter what happens.  It is not always easy, but having the intention be present, no matter what, makes it so.

There is a sense of sadness when you don’t show up.  It leaves a great void, and the rest of your team-mates are being led down by your absence.  Don’t’ do that.  Always show up,  even if you think you can’t.  Even if you are late, SHOW UP ANYWAYS!!!!  That is the most meaningful thing you can do for your peers, family, friends, and your community at large.

Remember all your assets, remember all the tings that you know how to be successful  about, and above all, remember what makes you TICK!

Be happy, and successful, and full of joy,



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